on video Imperial - FM-200 Fire Suppression System Simulation


The ANSUL® FM-200 Fire Suppression System protects what matters most, your
people and your critical data and equipment.
Cost-Effective Protection for High-Value Assets
High-value assets such as data and sensitive equipment demand the quality fire
suppression offered by the ANSUL FM-200 Fire Suppression System. The FM-200
system is ideal for areas occupied by personnel and containing assets that could
be damaged by water. The low concentration of agent required and low toxicity
means less visual obscuration and minimal risk to people.
The system fights Class A, B and C fires with a clean agent that is electrically
nonconductive and will not short-out electronic equipment or thermally shock
delicate circuitry. The colorless, odorless gas leaves no residue, eliminating postfire agent cleanup and minimizing downtime.
Both automatic and manual actuators are available for release of the agent into
the hazard area through fixed piping and nozzles. Each nozzle is sized to ensure
the correct flow of agent for the hazard and available in seven sizes with seven or
eight ports for either 180 or 360 degree horizontal discharge patterns respectively.
For large hazards, agent containers can be connected to a common manifold.
Approvals and Standards for the FM-200 system include Factory Mutual (FM);
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL); Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC);
NFPA 2001: Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems; ISO-14520: Gaseous Fire
Extinguishing Systems; EPA SNAP Report and MEA.

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