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To wire the diode bridge, you must first connect your single-phase current
classic transformer that will change your 230VAC single-phase voltage to 24VAC
Then, the secondary of the transformer must be connected to the terminals indicated "AC" of the bridge
diode A diode bridge this cable always diagonally and therefore the terminals
associated are diagonal (see Diagram 3). This wiring will make it possible to rectify the current
so that these cycles are only positive (see Diagram 2). Finally, you have to connect a
capacitor in order to reduce the amplitude Δu between the low voltage and the high voltage of the
cycle to smooth the curve as much as possible and make the current as similar as possible to a
direct current (see Diagram 2). It is also possible and useful to connect a resistance of
discharge on the capacitor so that it can release the current accumulating through the
resistance and make the circuit safe

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