on video Mercedes VISION AVTR V2 - LA VOITURE DU FUTUR !


Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR. Inspired by the future. On the way to the mobility of the future, Mercedes-Benz anticipates societal perspectives and trends: with the VISION AVTR in particular, it demonstrates a sustainable vision of zero-emission mobility, also in terms of drive technology, which at the same time embodies the vision of a dynamic luxury sedan.

With a combined engine output of over 350 kW, the VISION AVTR sets a new benchmark for plug-in hybrids. Thanks to the intelligent and fully variable torque distribution, the power of the four fully individually controllable motors is managed in the best possible way in terms of driving dynamics, but above all very efficiently.

The innovative all-wheel drive with torque vectoring enables completely new mobility and guarantees driving dynamics at the highest level, while offering the best possible active safety. This means that each wheel can be driven separately and depending on the driving situation.

Thanks to the possibility of managing the front and rear axles simultaneously or oppositely, VISION AVTR can move laterally by about 30 degrees, unlike conventional vehicles. The so-called "crab motion" gives the concept vehicle a reptile-like appearance even in its motion.

Strong points :

Sustainable luxury: electromobility in harmony with people and nature
Organic battery technology: powerful, flexible and durable
100% recyclable by renouncing fossil fuels
Exemplary performance with perfect suitability for everyday use
Maximum efficiency thanks to an intelligent operating strategy and solar systems integrated in the shutters to supply the auxiliary groups

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