on video V08 Part 1 Breadboard VGA Controller Clean Up Nanocomp 6809 8 Bit Breadboard Micro



 EP8000 EPROM PROGRAMMER R «rraihrir' The new microprocessor controlled EP8000 Emulator Programmer will program and emulate all EPROMs up to 8k x 8 sizes, and can be extended to program other devices such as 6k x 8 EPROMs, Bipolar PROMs, single chip microprocessors with external modules. Personality cards and hardware changes are not required as the machine configures itself for the different devices. The EP4000 with 4k x 8 static RAM is still available with EPROM programming and emulation capacity up to 4k x 8 sizes. EP8000 8k x 8 Emulator Programmer delivery BSC8 Buffered emulation cable - 49 SA2728 Programming adaptor - 69 SA2528 Program- ming adaptor - 69 EP4000 4k x 8 Emulator Programmer de- FEATURES Software personality programming /emulation of all EPROMs up to 8k x 8 bytes including 2704, 2708, 276(3), 2508, 2758A, 2758B, 256, 276, 2532, 2732, 2732A, , , 68766, 68764, 2564, Programs 2528, 2728 with adaptors. No personality cards /characterisers required. Use as stand alone programmer, slave programmer, or EPROM development system. Checks for misplaced and reversed insertion, and shorts on data lines. Memory mapped video output allows full use of powerful editing facilities. Built -in LED display for field use. Powerful editing facilities include: Block /Byte move, insert, delete, match, highlight, etc. Comprehensive input /output - RS232C serial port, parallel port, cassette, printer O /P, DMA. Extra k x 8 scratch pad RAM for block moving. livery BSC4 Buffered emulation cable - 39 BP4 (TEXAS) Bipolar PROM Module - 90 Prinz video monitor - 99 UV4 EPROM Eraser with timer - 78 GP00A 80 column printer Centronics interface - 65 GR VAT should be added to all prices DSTRBUTORS REQURED GP ndustrial Electronics ltd. EXPORT ENQURES WELCOME Tel: Plymouth h (0752) mou Unit E, Huxley Close, Newnham ndustrial Estate, Plymouth PL7 4JN WW FOR FURTHER DETALS

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