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How to Make a Tesla Coil at Home

BD139 Transistor Explained

BD139 is a popular NPN transistor used in wide variety of electronic circuits, due to its high collector current and low cost it is an ideal transistor to be used in educational electronic projects and also in commercial electronics. It can drive loads upto 1.5A which is a good feature due to which you can drive many high current components such as high power LEDs, high current relays, motors etc. The collector emitter and collector base voltage is also very high therefore it can easily survive in an electronic circuit that is operated under 80 volts. The collector dissipation is 12.5W due to which it is also ideal to use it in audio amplifier circuits. The saturation voltage of the transistor is just 0.5V.

Replacement and Equivalent

BD230, 2SC5171S , BD349, and BD379

D718 Transistor Explained

D718 is a TO-3P packaged NPN transistor made by many electronics components manufacturers. The transistor is designed to use in high power audio amplifier applications and capable of delivering audio output of 45 to 50 Watts. The max collector current of the transistor is 8A and the max collector to emitter voltage is 120V. The max collector dissipation is 80 Watts. The transistor is available two different gain values or hFE values which can be determined by the alphabet used right after the transistor number. If that alphabet is “R” then the hFE value of that transistor will be 55-110 and if it is “O” then the hFE value of the transistor will be 80-160.

Replacement and Equivalent

2SD1046, 2SD1046D, 2SD1046E, 2SD910, 2SD979

Required Material

1.PVC Pipe 9cm
2. 28AWG Copper Wire
3. D718,BD139 Transistor
4. 10k ohm Resistor
5. 12v Battery and Connector
9.Acrylic Sheet Board Glass Transparent
10. 2 Pin 5mm Pinch PCB Mount Screw Terminal Block

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