8 pin relay connection practical video


A relay allows you to add equipment to your car or to control one or more receivers in your home. It is a switch with a control circuit that operates at very low voltage or on batteries (from a button, a remote control or any other control device). But it can control equipment operating with a higher voltage, such as 230 V, thanks to its separate user circuit.

Follow step by step how to connect a relay in an automobile or in the domestic field.

Focus on the relays
Role of a relay
You may need a relay in different areas: automotive, household appliances, electrical tools, domestic electrical installation, home automation, etc.
This small electrical or electronic device is used to relay so-called low-power information to switch one or more higher-power circuits.

Operation of a relay
In the case of an electromechanical relay, it is a component which behaves like a switch except that its control is actuated by an electric coil.The coil creates a magnetic field that attracts a metal part, which causes contacts to close or open.

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