ON VIDEO Series Board Wiring Connection Diagram


single ignition switch wiring diagram
connection and wiring single ignition switch
single switch installation standard
single ignition switch controls one or more preliminary points from a single location

warning: before carrying out any manipulations, remember to cut off the power supply to your board, and check that there is no current using a tester.

single ignition switch wiring diagram


single-ignition electrical installation standard

the switch height lays between 0.90 m and 1.30 m from the finished floor

conductor section 1.5 mm² control on 8 lighting points maximum

the circuit must be protected by a 16 A circuit breaker or a 10 A fuse
electrical connection single ignition switch
Materials needed:

 1 single switch
 1 circuit breaker 16 A or fuse 10 A
  1.5 mm² copper conductor wires (blue, red, violet)

Necessary tools :

 screwdriver (flat, cruciform)
 wire stripper
 cutting pliers

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