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Useful on gasoline engines, ignition ignites the fuel/oxidizer mixture in the combustion chamber. Because if diesel engines do not need it due to self-ignition by pressure/heat, gasoline needs to trigger combustion through spark plugs (thus spark plugs). In addition, with the presence of several candles (as many as there are cylinders), the system must also know which one to supply juice. It must also be taken into account that the spark must be produced at a very specific moment in each cylinder, depending on the position of the piston and the current engine speed ... A little too early or a little too late and that's no longer ok !
Here are two phases of the ignition cycle. To better understand the relationship between the contact breaker and the distributor, it is necessary to know how the coil works (see below).
Generally speaking, the battery supplies current to the coil. This coil will have the role of sending an intense current to the spark plugs using a process similar to a transformer (going from a weak current to a strong current to allow the spark at the end of the spark plug).
However, all the spark plugs in an engine don't have to be lit at the same time... So something needs to be done that chooses which spark plug should be lit. It will then be the role of the distributor who will therefore have the task of distributing the spark to the required spark plug. It is then a simple rotary mechanism which will generate connections on the terminals (connected to each of the spark plugs) that it crosses.

The distributor and the breaker are synchronized with the movements of the motor.


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