on video Mini tractor with a fire-swallowing, alcohol-powered engine! Isn't it Stirling engine?


What is a micro tractor?
We call micro tractor, compact tractor or even mini tractor, according to the brands of tractors, a tractor of reduced size. A micro tractor will be about 2.50 m long and less than a meter wide. Microtractors are low-power tractors that can range from 25 to 60 horsepower. Microtractors have the particularity of not having a cabin, however the safety of the driver is ensured by a roll bar. However, some brands offer microtractors with cabins.

What are the micro tractor parts?
We offer a wide range of parts for all brands of micro tractors in original and adaptable quality. Our range of parts includes all types of parts necessary for the maintenance of your agricultural machinery.

Filter for micro tractor
An agricultural machine is equipped with many filters to facilitate the operation of your engine. Diesel filter, oil filter, hydraulic filter, cabin filter, all these products are essential for the proper functioning of your tractors.

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