on video Making V6 Engine Using Magnets


What is Free Energy Generator?
Derivation: The free energy generator is one type of device which is used to generate electrical energy and it works on the principle of neodymium magnets. Some of the free energy generator products are Hydro Generator and Hydro Turbine, Pelton Hydro Turbine Generator, Renewable Free Energy Water Wheel, Pelton Turbina Generator 50 Kw Micro Hydropower Turbine, 30Kw 150rpm 400v rpm Permanent Magnet Alternator Free Energy Magnetic Generator, 750kva SDEC Free Energy diesel generator, etc

Flywheel Moment of Inertia Derivation
The flywheels are required to store the energy because the engine produces energy only in one stroke, but it has to complete in 4 strokes one is suction stroke, compression stroke, power stroke or expansion stroke, and exhaust stroke. The power is the only stroke in which we get the energy from the engine and that energy from the power stroke has to be stored somewhere so that it can be utilized to make the other three strokes also. The flywheel stores the energy using its moment of inertia and the flywheel stores the energy in the formula like
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