on video The craziest motorcycle ever


The Kawasaki H2 is the only machine on the market to have a compressor. It's a small detail, but it makes a huge difference when it comes to trying to drive it...
Modern Hypersportives are oversized machines. They make 200 horsepower, for 200 kg, accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h as fast as a Formula 1 and despite everything, you can ride around town on their handlebars. Except that, in life, there are always those who exaggerate. Who do more than what is already too much. TV presenters have Cyril Hanouna, Fast And Furious have Fast And Furious 7 and Hypersports have the Kawasaki H2.

Extreme excessiveness
However, on paper, it does not have much more than the others: it makes 205 horsepower. It's a lot, but it's not crazy when you know the rest of the market... To understand how it is abused, you need to know two things. The first is that manufacturers implicitly limit themselves to 200 horsepower for their road-legal models. The second is that the H2 has the same engine as its big sister the Kawasaki H2R, which develops 326 horsepower…

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