on video Honda factory tour - Production in Japan



Hamamatsu city in Shizuoka prefecture is the city where Honda motor company established in 1948 and their first uni-motorcycle "Dream" was born. The head office has now moved to Tokyo but automatic transmissions, which is the one of the most important parts of automobiles, are still in production here in Hamamatsu. These transmissions are provided to Honda factories in America and Europe as well as Japan. You can observe the process of parts being created in a micron unit and the clean assembly processing area where they put the parts together under the observation of specialized staff.

Kumamoto Factory Manufactures Motorcycles and a wide array of Models
Kumamoto Factory is Honda's fourth factory, established in 1976. The facility is Honda's largest domestic site, situated in the most nature-rich environment.

The factory manufactures various motorcycle models and general purpose engines, and is capable of every stage from manufacturing and processing engines and components to assembling vehicles. The highly efficient production system from materials to finished products allows the factory to manufacture numerous models, and mass-produce while maintaining the highest quality.
Products from Kumamoto Factory are widely sold and loved domestically, and globally.

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