on video What Will Happen if Transformer Neutral Supply Brake

 Over voltage or high voltage in the neutral wire of the AC supply due to neutral failure, the fault is explained in the video. The breaking of neutral wire generates a high voltage of 400 volts in place of 220 volts and also a high voltage or hot appears in the neutral wire in the home is explained. 

High voltage, over-voltage in AC supply due to neutral wire break problem, is analyzed and explained in Hindi in the video tutorial. When neutral wire breaks, over voltage or under voltage may come in the house ac power supply and may behave like hot wire at neutral. The concept of Power supply distribution to homes is explained. Single phase supply from 3 phase supply. Educational tutorials on electricity and electrical engineering 223 by G K Agrawal (Gopal Krishna Agrawal).

The lecture is given by a person with industrial experience and is useful for electrical, electronic communication, and power electronics engineering students & projects.

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