on video Transformers - How does electricity reach our home?


 This video explains the process of electricity supply to our homes through the lines of the transformer.

00:00 Introduction of electricity supply to our homes
00:20 Electricity Supply - Process
00:50 What happens inside the transformer?
01:25 What is Magnetic Flux in a transformer?
01:45 Conclusion of Primary and Secondary Winding
02:00 How transformers have indirectly been a part of our homes

Electricity is usually produced from the power stations and gets transmitted to our homes through transmission lines. However, these lines pass through Transformers, either Step-up or Step-down before supplying it to our homes.
In this video we are going to understand how electricity reaches our home. Journey of electricity from power station to our home is explained in this video.
You really don’t have to be an electrical engineer to understand this, if you have curiosity to know how electricity reaches our home. This video is going to be very basic stuff,
Timeline -

Generation - 00.43
Transmission - 02.48
Distribution - 04.51

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