on video Electricity for Kids | What is Electricity? Where does Electricity come from?


 In this video we will learn all about electricity.  Your student(s) will learn about lightning, power plants, Direct Current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC). We even talk about when electricity was discovered and go over topics like conductors and insulators. By the time you are done watching this video your child will have a much better understanding of what electricity is, where it comes from, and the amazing things it can do.

We know that electricity can be a tricky topic to cover so throughout the video we provide really good examples and break down the complex ideas. We also have a complete lesson plan full of worksheets and activities that will help your student practice what they are learning.
In this video we will learn:
0:00 What is Electricity?
1:38 What is a Direct Current?
4:13 What is an Alternating Current?
5:55 How do Power Plants produce Electricity?
6:51 How do Magnets create Electricity?
7:33 What is Static Electricity?
8:35 What is a Conductor?
9:08 What is an Insulator?
10:21 When was Electricity Discovered?
11:31 Learning Activity | Can you solve the Electricity Riddle?
Educational video for children to learn what electricity is and how it is produced. Before electricity was invented, people used candles for light. Now, with just a push of a button, we can light up our houses. Not only that, with electricity, we can power trains and amusement park rides! We can create electricity by using the energy from natural resources around us like fossil fuels, wind (eolic energy), water (hydraulic energy) or even the sun (solar energy). Energy transported through cables and wires or it can be stored in batteries.

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