on video Simple Water Level Indicator with Buzzer


 In this electronics project, I have made a simple Water Level Indicator with buzzer. To make this automatic water tank level indicator circuit I have used only BC547 NPN transistors so no IC is required.
The alarm will automatically start when the water reaches the maximum level.

Required Components for this BC547 project
1. 1k Resistors  4no (R1, R3, R5, R7)
2. 10k Resistors  4no  (R2, R4, R6, R8)
3. BC547 NPN Transistors  4no
4. 5-mm LEDs  4no
5. DC Buzzer (5V)
6. Switch
7. Terminal connector
8. 5V DC Supply

I have covered the following topic in this DIY water level indicator project:
00:13  Required components for this mini-project.
00:28  How to make homemade PCB for the water level sensor circuit.
03:09  Connect all the water level sensing wires with PCB
03:39  Water tank level indicator circuit diagram.

Here I have used the 5V DC supply, but If you want to use the 12V DC supply, then connect a 12V DC buzzer. No other changes are required in the circuit for 12V.

During the video, I have also explained how to make this liquid level monitoring circuit on the homemade PCB. And also shared the PCB Layout so, you can make this water level sensor using buzzer circuit on the plastic sheet.

You can use this circuit in any overhead or underground water tank to measure the water level. This simple homemade project is very useful to save water and electricity.

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