on video How to make Water Pump Automatic Switch ON-OFF Circuit | Water Level Controller with 555

 In this project, I have shown how to make water pump automatic switch ON-OFF circuit to control the water level automatically. I have used the 555 timer IC for this DIY water pump auto cut switch circuit.

With this simple 555 timer circuit, we can stop the water overflow from the water tank. And the pump will automatically start if the water level becomes low. So we don't need to start and stop the pump manually.

I have published a new water pump controller circuit with more features.

Required components for the water pump automatic control circuit
1.  555Timer IC  (1no)
2.  BC547 NPN Transistor  (1no)
3.  1k  0.25watt Resistors (R5, R7)  (2no)
4.  22k  0.25watt Resistors (R1, R2)  (2no)
5.  180k  0.25watt Resistor (R6)  (1no)
6.  1M  0.25watt Resistors (R3, R4)  (2no)
7.  100nF (104) Capacitor (C4)  (1no)
8.  1N4007 Diode  (D6)  (1no)
9.  LED 1.5V   (1no)
10. 12V SPDT Relay  (1no)
11. Connectors & IC base (4pin)
12. Zero PCB

Here, I have used a 5V pump to show the operation, but you can also use any single-phase pump. Please select the relay as per the voltage and current rating of the pump.

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