on video How To Make bike Indicator With bike LED



In this video I have made a sequential led indicator which can be used as bike indicator. I have tried to make this video as easy as it could be and used common components. I Hope it would be helpful


1- 1X 555 timer IC 

2- 5X C945 transistors  

3- 2X 1N4007 diodes

4- 3X 100uf 50V capacitors (electrolytic)

5- 6X 10K resistors (1/4 watt)

6- 5X 1K resistors (1/4 watt)

7- 3X 4.7K resistors (1/4 watt)

8- 5X leds

9- vero board

10- jumper wires

 we will guide you on how to install LED indicators on your bike at home, without any fancy tools. The process may vary depending upon your motorcycle but the connections and logic will be the same!!
If you want to change to your bike indicator and do not know how to do it. Then this video, the detailed guide will help you in doing that.
*P.S. RS200 Stock LED Turn Indicators Set of 4 Was Used.
Cost - ₹ 2,300 For Both Pairs.
You Can Find it From Any Bajaj Genuine Spares Outlet.

Tools Required (May depend on your bike):
1. Spanners
2. Glue Gun
3. Screw Driver
4. Cable Ties
5. Allen Key

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