on video Hostel Wiring Diagram // Hostel Wiring Connection Diagram home colors .


hostel wiring circuit is especially designed and used for study hours by headmasters and wardens to convey the students to do their study instead of early sleeping. In hostel wiring circuit there is a SPST (single pole single throw or one way or single way switch installed as a master switch in the warden room.
two way switch
Two way switch is an electric switch the medium of this switch can be controlled from one place to another by electric lamp fan or anything electrical device.2 way switch is 3 wire system new harmoised cable colours. two way switch means having two or more switches in control lamp fac etc different location.In a two-way switch there are two one way switches combined in one One of the terminals can be connected to either of the two but not both at the same time. The advantage of a two-way switch is the a bility to control a single device from two separate locations.


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