on video 555 PWM. Simple Circuits.


 555 PWM. Simple Circuits.

 we’ll be generating a PWM signal using a 555 timer. I have a 555 timer here generating a square wave signal that I can control using a potentiometer to replicate a pulse width modulated signal. You can see as I change the value of this pot, the signal is changing from mostly off to mostly on and vice versa, and the led is getting brighter and dimmer. If you have no experience with the 555 timer, watch my last video, I went into a fair bit of detail of how it all works. This video will build off the back of that one.


0:00 Intro

1:00 What is PWM?

4:19 Basic 555 Timer Schematic

5:05 Output Voltage & Capacitor Voltage

8:30 Replacing R2 

10:25 Potentiometer Explanation

16:15 Charging Paths

17:30 Schematic

21:05 Demonstration

23:45 Buzzer

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