on video 12 KW Free Energy Generator With 3 HP Electric Motor 24 7 Free Electricity Making Machine 12000 Watt

 this is 12kw free energy generator

we have these things to make this 12kw free energy generator

So let's start to make this

This is Iron Frame

This is 100kg  flywheel

This is 12kw alternator with 6 inch pully i want to tell you this 12 kw alternator dynamo is rewind by my own experience formula. 

this is 3 horse power electric motor with 4 inch pully

10 inch and 8 inch pullies

10 inch pully for alternator

and 8 inch pully for electric motor

This is electric board

Output is 230v

First we have to start electric motor with electricity

after this we have to connect immediately electric motor to alternator

Now recycling has been processing

Alternator is producing 12 kw electricity and 5 kw electricity is taking electric motor.

Now We have ramaining electricity is 7 kw in which we are using following things.

these bulbs have 1200 watt capacity and 600 watt grinder and 5kw welding plant

All are working from this totally free energy generator.

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