ON VIDEOI make 4-stroke Engine from a Fridge Compressorا


This mechanic pulled off a feat, he turned a refrigerator compressor into a working 4-stroke engine.

After a few months of work here is the look of his 4-stroke engine converted from a refrigerator compressor and he also used a vapor-type carburettor because for this mechanic it was simpler and easier to manufacture.

Piston type compressor, a lot of precision machining has already been taken care of here. Adding the intake and exhaust valves, camshaft, timing chain, carburetor and ignition system is always a very difficult task. We loved the homemade timing chain gears, which are made with just a drill and an angle grinder. In a truly inspiring moment, flathead bolts are turned into valves, rocker arms are made from scrap pieces, and the bolt becomes a camshaft with built-in TIG filler.
The ignition and carburetor are pulled together from more scrap, causing the engine to fire the first time - melting the epoxy instantly with the exhaust header attached to the cylinder head.

Now, compressor-to-motor conversions aren't an entirely new area. We've already seen refrigerator compressors and car air conditioner compressors move to motors. But most of what we saw were simple two-stroke engines.

We're really impressed with the skill it takes to pull a four-stroke like this, and feel like we've been given quite a bit of unnecessary advice.

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