AC 240v to DC 12v converter electrical diagram ON VIDEO


AC 240v to DC 12v converter electrical diagram

Alternating current (AC) is used in the transmission of electrical energy over long distance metal lines due to its waveform and recurrence frequency characteristics which prevent line losses.
Lowered to its public operating voltage (230 to 240 volts), it is mainly used to supply power electrical equipment requiring only low regulation, such as heating, electrical equipment and lighting.
Low power electronic equipment needs a stable and regulated DC voltage.
Since the domestic electricity supply is made by means of an alternating voltage, this must be lowered, rectified and finally regulated.

how do ac to dc converters work

AC & DC converters is electrical circuits that transform alternating current AC input. into direct current DC output.
 AC to DC converters use rectifiers  to turn AC input into DC output regulators to adjust the voltage level.

and reservoir capacitors to smooth the pulsating DC.

why do we convert AC to DC we need to convert AC to DC because of below facts AC signals can not be stored and DC power or signals can be stored.

Thus to store  the electrical energy we need to convert it into DC. AC can be transported over  long distances because of it's frequency and dc can not be transported as dc  has zero frequency.

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