on video How to make free LPG gas using water at home - from gasoline to free gas!

How to make free LPG gas using water at home - from gasoline to free gas!
LPG is manufactured by refining crude oil or raw natural gas, being derived exclusively from fossil fuel sources. It is stripped from the wet natural gas stream during natural gas processing and is a co-product of refining crude oil.
Whilst liquid under pressure when released from pressure at ambient temperature, it is gaseous. It is stored and transported in LPG cylinders as a liquid under moderate pressure.
The gases produced in the LPG production process are mainly propane and butane, with small fractions of other NGL gases.
Liquefied petroleum gas – LPG – is either propane, butane or a mixture of the two. LPG is flammable hydrocarbon gas used as fuel for gas heaters, hot water, gas cooking and to fuel vehicles

What is LPG Made Up Of?

LPG is made up of carbon and hydrogen atoms forming propane and butane whilst natural gas is made up of lighter methane, the simplest carbon and hydrogen molecule.

LPG is understood primarily of propane and butane, whilst the natural gas primary constituent is methane. LPG is made up of a group of flammable hydrocarbon gases that are liquefied through pressurization and commonly used as fuel. Natural gas is liquefied cryogenically.

LPG is made up of a number of gases under the LPG products label, including propane, butane, isobutane and mixtures of these gases and are also referred to as natural gas liquids – NGL.

LPG is stored in steel vessels ranging from small BBQ gas bottles to larger gas cylinders and tanks.

Where Do We Get LPG Gas From – Where Does Propane Come From
LPG gas (propane) comes from oil and gas wells, as it is a fossil fuel. Then LPG process continues with LPG coming from two LPG gas manufacturing process sources: natural gas processing and crude oil refining, where it is a co-product of both. 60% of LPG-propane comes from natural gas processing “stripper plants” and 40% of LPG-propane comes from the crude oil refinery process.

LPG manufacturing process (LPG production process) starts with where LPG (propane) comes from – drilling oil and gas wells. Then the LPG (propane) comes from the LPG gas manufacturing process continuing from when the LPG gas is made or obtained during natural gas processing and crude oil refining.

LPG comes from a natural combination with other hydrocarbons. LPG is a fossil fuel that comes from drilling oil and gas wells and does not occur in isolation.


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