on video How to make adjustable Voltage regulator using Mosfet, Voltage controller DIY


While Current regulators have been featured in several applications over the years they are arguably not one of the most popular topics in electronics design conversations until recently. Current Regulators have now achieved a sort of ubiquitous status due to their important applications in LED Lighting among other applications.

For today's article, we will be looking at these current regulators and examine the operating principles behind them, their design, types, and applications among others.

Operation Principle of Current Regulator
The operation of a current regulator is similar to that of the voltage regulator with the major difference being the parameter they regulate and the quantity they vary to supply their output. In voltage regulators, the current is varied to achieve the required voltage level, while current regulators usually involve variations in voltage/resistance to achieve the required current output. As such, while it is possible, it is usually difficult to regulate voltage and current at the same time in a circuit.

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