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An electromagnetic induction heater has appeared on the market, but it is still an improved electric heater. There are also materials that pompously claim to operate by induction but thermally.

The principle of induction heating

Generation of an electromagnetic field

In induction heating, the generation of an electromagnetic field creates a release of heat. Moreover, hobs operating by induction are used daily by many households. Induction (electromagnetic) is therefore undoubtedly a principle of heat creation applicable in our homes.

Induction heating is a contactless method of heating metals (steel, copper, aluminum, brass) and semiconductors (carbon, graphite, silicon carbide). If the object to be heated does not need to conduct electric current, it must be permeable to an external magnetic field (eddy current). When this object is placed in the heart of an intense magnetic field, the molecules of this object are excited, collide with each other (hysteresis) which produces heat that this object then diffuses.

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