on video Free Energy , 200V AC generator, can charge the phone


For the first hour or so, there can be a certain romance to a power outage. You move through your home, light some candles, and settle into the silence, envisioning a simpler, old-fashioned way of life. Then dinnertime rolls around, you're freezing, and the kids are completely over your “let's turn this into a game” efforts. To get things up and running again, you need a portable generator.

We spent weeks researching generators over the 2020–21 fall and winter and tested four we considered ideal for grab-and-go power. These generators are not big enough to power an entire house, but with some smart power management, you can use one to keep the essentials going during an emergency. Because these generators are so small, they're great for camping, tailgating, and working on outdoor projects, too.

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