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Mosquitoes live in corners waiting or under the evil one to come out and attack us when we sleep. She bites gently and leaves itchy and burning skin behind. However, not all of these bites are pain-free. Some of them cause deadly diseases such as malaria, dengue, zika and chikungunya.

You can't do anything against mosquitoes while you sleep. But you can turn to a helper who will take care of you, see your family, and stun all the mosquitoes in his path. This helper is an electric mosquito repellent. The best of the bunch is the Pif Paf Power Guard Liquid Electric Device with Refill or the Good Nights LED Device.

How does electric mosquito repellent work?

Electric mosquito repellents work on the principle of heating mosquito repellent liquid to create a vapor that fuses with the atmosphere. The Pif Paf emits vapor into the atmosphere when plugged into the electric appliance. It comes in two main parts: the bottle that contains mosquito repellent and the heating kit. When placed in electricity, the vial is heated and the resulting vapor creates a barrier that makes mosquitoes unable to resist and kills them.

Since the vapor travels in the entire room, hiding mosquitoes are also fought. You will find that they feel dizzy and die early in the morning. A good nights sleep has been saved from the threat of mosquito bites and related diseases. You can use the device during the day if you want protection from dengue and Zika mosquitoes.

The positive thing is that the product is safe for humans. But if you want to be sure, see a doctor in case of respiratory diseases.

Use the Pif Paf PowerGuard liquid electrolyte

It is a simple device that plugs into the electricity and starts working immediately.

Place the vial containing the liquid into the device as instructed.
Put the device into electricity. The indication lights up to confirm that the device is working.
Choose the level of protection by moving the cursor from left to right.
Replace the cap when the device is not being used.
After it cools down, change the vial of liquid. Turn it off before unplugging it or before changing the bottle.

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