on video I turn 4 big magnets into 240v 15000w most powerful electric generator use PVC copper wire


A magnet is a type of material that produces a magnetic field. The magnetic field produced is invisible, but its effects are felt very easily when put in contact with other magnetic materials.

Magnets are important for electric generators because spinning a magnet near a coil of wire produces electricity. For example, a wind turbine is using wind to spin the magnet, a hydroelectric facility does the same, but with the power of moving water.

A magnet is characterized by its two poles; North and South. These poles create a magnetic field that flows from the North to the South pole, and can be depicted by a compass needle as shown in Figure 2. A compass needle is actually a permanent magnet, and naturally orients itself to align with any magnetic field

Changing magnetic fields move create electric current near loops of wire

The ability for a material to respond to a magnetic field is discussed in more depth on hyperphysics.

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