on video I make a DIFFERENTIAL. Do you know what it is for?

The differential cover plays an important role in keeping your wheels turning. This creates a sealed area that protects the gears and their fluid from dirt and moisture. In addition, it must withstand the inevitable physical blows that may occur. Apart from this, it must dissipate heat well enough to prevent high temperatures from affecting the differential. Next, we will share the three most notable advantages for you to improve the differential cover of your truck.

Better off-road protection

A common problem with the factory differential cover is that, while it won't necessarily crack, the bottom edge of the cover will bend and come unstuck from the differential. Especially if the chassis hits rocks or bounces off something hard. Both of these scenarios will most likely cause fluid leaks, as well as water and grit ingress that will damage the gears. Specialized differential covers are made of iron, designed for heavy work. Yes they are heavier than steel or aluminum but they are the strongest you can buy. The greater rigidity of its construction guarantees that the cover survives without damage in case of bumps or scratches.

better cooling capacity

ARB's specialized diff cover ensures the diff stays cooler, no matter what the outside conditions. Whether it's on asphalt, mud or even in the parking lot of your home; cooler gear oil stays thicker and therefore provides better lubrication without breaking down as quickly. Also, another way to improve the cooling of your differential is by increasing the fluid capacity. Some differential covers do that, give you more room to add more oil, the gears in your truck will thank you for it.

improved styling

True truck fanatics know how to add details and styling touches to their vehicle. Yes, that includes the diff cover and ARB has it available in 2 colors. If your style is more discreet and elegant, there are covers in glossy black, which will give your truck a distinctive detail. On the other hand, if your style tends to stand out, red covers are also offered that will surely attract looks. Either option is great for adding style to your 4x4.

So, depending on whether your priority is to increase endurance, improve cooling capacity or provide some shine to the case, you have many options. Don't neglect the fact that some of these caps provide more than one of these benefits. And if you're already driving a 4x4, as we assume, you won't regret investing in a specialized differential cover.


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