on video How to make a Hydraulic Jack from PVC


In order to learn more about the process of designing a part, group 10 took apart a Big Red car Jack. The device is designed to use hydraulic fluid and one-way valves to raise a ram rod so as to lift 4-ton vehicles in order for the user to be able to change tires. The jack is operated using a removable handle, which is pumped up and down, raising the jack, which in turn lifts the car.

After testing and dissection, we concluded that the jack was both easy to use and very compact. The jack did not take very long to achieve the desired result and required minimal energy to use. In order to get a better understanding of the jack we performed Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) and Design for Environment (DFE).

FMEA allowed the group to get a better understanding of the failure modes and the impact the failure modes had on the user. One possible failure mode is the jack could slip from under the car causing the elevated car to fall on the user.

DFMA gave us knowledge on the manufacturing and assembly. We concluded that the product and the manufacturing had been fairly optimized since the product does not have very many extraneous parts and the product is relatively cheap.

DFE showed the group the environmental impact of the jack. EIO-LCA (Economic Input Output-Life Cycle Analysis) was used to see the greenhouse gas emission over the lifetime of the product in the various sectors of the US economy. It was concluded that the production of the hydraulic fluid had the largest percentage of Carbon.

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