on video Generating electricity and charging the batteries with the washing machine engine


The UWash project consists of transforming the mechanical energy that goes into the reach
Wash laundry and convert it into usable electricity. Our proof of concept system consists of: a
Power source (power rotor), power harvester (alternator), regulating circuit
(voltage regulator), component storage (lithium ion batteries), application
(LED flashlight charging depends on iPhone and USB). The goal is to fully charge the valve
Flashlight after 1 hour use and iPhone charged to at least 50% after 6 hours of use. we
They were able to fully charge the flashlight in about 15 minutes but they were only able to charge
iPhone up to 41% after 8 hours cycling with alternator. With UWash Ultimate
Product We were able to turn on the flashlight for an hour and a half after 15 minutes
worn out.

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