on video Electroneumatica Principio de funcionamiento directo por Solenoide


Electropneumatics Principle of direct operation by Solenoid
An electrovalve is an electromechanical valve, designed to control the passage of a fluid through a conduit or pipe. The valve is moved by a solenoid coil. Generally, it only has two positions: open and closed, or all and nothing. This video shows the configuration of a solenoid valve and the application of relays to design an electro-pneumatic circuit. In the electrical circuit shown in this video, it is used to govern the 5/2 bistable solenoid valve with the use of two pushbuttons S1 and S2, each one equipped with two contacts, one NO and the other NC in such a way that pressing S1 activates Y1 making the cylinder come out and pressing S2 activates Y2 making the cylinder return.

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