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Electricity is one form of energy that is produced due to flow of charge. We can use electricity in many ways such as lights, electric vehicles, running electronic devices such as computers, television etc. Electricity can also be generated by different methods. Today we are making Electric Generator Science Project.

This science project electric generator helps us to understand about Dc motor. With some common items found around our house like plywood, dc motor, copper wire, led, etc. We can make this electrical science project.

This electricity generation is best as 8th grade science projects. But also suitable for students who are in 7th, 9th and 10th grade. This electricity science experiment is a good source for understanding science terms like electricity, current, DC motor, charge, open circuit, close circuit, LED, etc.


How to make Electric Generator Science Project ?
We are making a simple science project kit that produces electricity. It is a well known fact that DC motor produces electricity as we rotate its shaft. And vice versa as electricity is supplied then it starts to rotate.

As we know property of dc motor. By simply rotating a dc motor we can produce electricity. Here we use some common materials like old CD arrangement to rotate shaft of dc motor.

This sample science experiment electricity generator can produce significant power to glow led. This same concept produces large energy as we enlarge the scale of motor.


Advantages of Electricity Generation Science Project :
There are lots of merits of electric science project. We have mentioned some of the advantages.

This project helps student to learn the phenomenon of production of electricity.
We can learn about DC motor.
It inspires people to seek renewal source of electricity.

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