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CFD modeling in the design and exploitation of data center
Inexpensive CFD specialists can help you model your project for maximum thermal efficiency

Data processing centers (Data Center) are premises in which IT servers, data storage systems and telecommunications equipment are located. To ensure the reliable operation of these IT systems, they must be sufficiently cooled: the air flow requirements of each server rack must be respected in order to maintain the temperature at the entry of the rack within acceptable limits.

Energy consumption of servers and data centers is one of the fastest growth sectors and currently represents around 5% of total electrical energy consumption consumed in France. With the transition to computer computer in the cloud and limited available spaces, climate engineers must put existing and future systems at the level so that the data centers are profitable and efficiently efficient.

To meet the rapidly growing needs of IT, our team of simulation specialists is based on years of experience in the fields of fluid engineering to quickly determine the thermal hypotheses necessary in order to define optimal cooling strategies with the aim of reducing the energy consumption of data centers.

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