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How to connect a capacitor with a ceiling fan?

There are two windings in the ceiling fan, one is running winding and another is starting winding. We must connect the capacitor in series with the starting winding and then connect it across the power supply. On the other hand, the running winding is to be connected directly across the power supply.

So first of all, we need to identify the starting winding and running winding. Here the figure is given to better understand.

As you see in the above the ceiling fan has three wire terminals outside, red, black and blue. Generally, most of the ceiling fan has three wires outside. You can also see in the winding connection of the ceiling fan, one terminal of each winding is connected together and it is brought outside as a common wire. We can identify the winding terminals by measuring resistance. You can identify the terminals of any ceiling which has different colors using this method.

Suppose in this case we have measured the resistance between,

1. Red and Black wire: 210 ohms
2. Red and Blue: 220 ohms
3. Blue and Black: 500 ohms

So as the resistance between blue and black is the highest, so these are the terminals of running and starting winding. So the rest red terminal is common which is connected with both windings.

We know that the resistance of starting winding is greater than running winding. So as the resistance between red and blue is greater than red and black, it is certain that blue is the starting winding terminal and black is the running winding terminal.

Now, once you have identified the terminals of the ceiling, connect the capacitor between running and starting winding as shown in the above diagram.

Ceiling fan connection

Here you can see the connection of ceiling fan with regulator and switch. Connect first the switch in series, then connect the regulator and then connect the ceiling fan.


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