on video 4 Stroke Combustion 4K SLOW MOTION | 33,000 FPS | Clear Engine Cylinder


four-stroke engine is a magnificent thing. A complex machine capable of turning flammable liquid into useful work, it has dominated the automotive world for the best part of a century. Now, thanks to YouTube channel TROdesigns, you can take a look at what goes on inside the engine while it's running.

The engine in question is from a 1977 Honda XR75, with the cylinder replaced with a transparent acrylic version which enables viewing of the combustion process. The piston itself is the original part, but deburred and polished in order to minimize scuffing of the plastic cylinder walls. Compression ratio was dropped from 9.5:1 to 8.7:1 by lengthening the cylinder from stock in an effort to help maximize the time the engine ran before destroying itself. Piston rings were custom machined out of Teflon to reduce friction.

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