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Mak Plus Power Systems offers you battery charger solutions with reliable industrial design. Battery chargers are designed to reduce the cost of companies and solve recharging problems of batteries. Because, when the battery's power finish, if it is not charged, it can be as a waste. It means that, this will be extra costs for companies. Battery charger types are changing depends on type of batteries and charging time. As Mak Plus Power Systems, we produce the battery chargers in Germany and Europe is robust and high efficient. We produce 12 V 80 A battery chargers according to European standards, so we have quality certificates. 12V 80A battery chargers maximize performance and extend the battery life. The chargers are designed with thyristor and IGBT. Our 12V 80 A chargers automatic controlled when the battery full as well as controlling the systematic of the life time. The battery chargers are easy to support and control the voltage and current values.

12V 80A battery charger has wide range of options for monitoring. You can arrange the rate of charging power as slow or fast. The 12 V 80 A battery chargers have been designed for Germany market and all around the world. The chargers used for GSM sector, for Heuwai and Alcatel GSM base station, telecom, IT sector, Outdoor systems and oil sector as well as transportation sector. We try to design our 12 V 80 a battery charger solutions as small as possible to make installation and maintenance process easier. Our battery chargers are easy to use and control. Mak Plus Power Systems offer you best battery charger which is suitable with your needs. Because, using the right battery charger solution is really important to save the health of your batteries. Mak+ 12V 80A battery chargers supply clean and continuous power for batteries.

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