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Wireless surveillance cameras are a type of surveillance cameras that use wireless communication technology, are connected without wires, and work with a wireless signal or via Wi-Fi. It is one of the latest surveillance cameras that appeared recently using modern technology in communications.

Wireless surveillance cameras have several advantages

Wires are not used in their technique
Ensure that the signal is not interrupted by cutting or damaging the wires.
Ultra clear live video streaming.
You can view it anywhere, away from the place where it was installed, through your personal phone, laptop or tablet, and you can control it remotely.
wireless analogue
Wireless analog is the transmission of audio and video signals using radio frequencies. Typically, analog wireless has a transmission range of about 300 feet (91 meters) in open space. Walls, doors, and furniture will reduce this range.

The advantages include:

Multi-camera receiver: A signal from a single camera can be picked up by any receiver.
Vulnerable to interference from other household appliances, such as microwaves, cordless phones, video game consoles, and routers.
No Signal Strength Indicator: There is no visual alert indicating your signal strength.
Vulnerable to interception: Because analog wireless uses a fixed frequency, it is possible for signals to be picked up by other receivers.
Communication is one-way only: it is not possible for the receiver to send signals to the camera.
Digital wireless cameras
Digital wireless is one in which encoded analog audio and video signals are transmitted as digital packets over high-bandwidth radio frequencies.

Wide transmission range - usually close to 450 feet (open space, clear line of sight between camera and receiver)
High quality video and audio
Two way communication between camera and receiver
A digital indication means you can transmit commands and functions, such as turning lights on and off
You can connect multiple receivers to a single recording device, such as a security recorder
Uses and applications
Building security systems
Indoor wireless surveillance cameras that are installed in buildings from the inside and are characterized by the fact that they do not withstand weather conditions such as extreme heat, dust or rain. This camera transmits the signal over a distance of 100 metres

external security systems
Outdoor Wireless Surveillance Cameras This type of camera withstands weather conditions from sunlight, water and other weather factors. It is installed in exposed places exposed to these factors.

IP wireless surveillance camera
The signal for this type ranges from 1 km to 2 km, depending on the transmitter

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