on video What is a MOSFET? How is it work? (MOSFET Tutorial)



What is a MOSFET?

Metal Oxide Silicon Field Effect Transistors commonly known as MOSFETs are electronic devices used to switch or amplify voltages in circuits. It is a voltage controlled device and is constructed by three terminals. The terminals of MOSFET are named as follows:

  • Source
  • Gate
  • Drain
  • Body
  • The p-type semiconductor forms the base of the MOSFET.
  • The two types of the base are highly doped with an n-type impurity which is marked as n+ in the diagram.
  • From the heavily doped regions of the base, the terminals source and drain originate.
  • The layer of the substrate is coated with a layer of silicon dioxide for insulation.
  • A thin insulated metallic plate is kept on top of the silicon dioxide and it acts as a capacitor.
  • The gate terminal is brought out from the thin metallic plate.
  • A DC circuit is then formed by connecting a voltage source between these two n-type regions.
  • Working Principle of MOSFET

    When voltage is applied to the gate, an electrical field is generated that changes the width of the channel region, where the electrons flow. The wider the channel region, the better conductivity of a device will be.

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