on video US tests new super-advanced autonomous stealth drones



The name drone comes from an English word meaning drone given as a nickname by the English artillery in the 1930s to a target aircraft used for training having a slow and noisy flight resembling that of the drone. aerial

Now it designates an unmanned aircraft on board generally remotely controlled from the ground, it can be programmed to fly autonomously or in wifi via a smartphone or tablet, there are two drone techniques multirotors of various shapes, sizes and weights, propelled by several motors generally electric but sometimes with gasoline turning propellers and the flying wings closer to the plane they are generally propelled by a motor with propellers.

The different categories of drone use
military drones
The armies are the first to have used drones to replace planes, their volumes and their autonomy can be very important, allowing them to carry out combat, surveillance or reconnaissance missions.

Recreational drones
From the family of model aircraft, it's small aircraft can be found everywhere in the toy departments of stores, Light and small in size it can be equipped with a camera, but buying it does not mean that you can do whatever you want with it! You must respect security and privacy rules, do not fly your drone in urban areas or over people, do not film or resell the shots, etc.

Find out about the regulations before taking off your recreational drone so that it remains a hobby.Drone octocoptere senarios s1 s2

Professional civilian drones
This is the category where our remote pilots have evolved, and they and their equipment meet the regulations imposed for the use of drones in the professional context. They can thus perform different services. Their aircraft can be equipped with different cameras, cameras, sensors, probes or others to meet the needs of individuals and professionals in technical or artistic aerial imagery, cartography, thermography...

Find some drones used by our professional pilots to perform all the services achievable with an aircraft.

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