on video SKF Shaft Alignment Tool TKSA 51 - Instruction and demonstration



The TKSA 51 shaft alignment tool provides high measurement flexibility and performance suitable for entry-level to expert alignment jobs. Designed to work with the SKF shaft alignment apps on a tablet or smartphone, this intuitive tool is easy to use and requires no special training.

This 14-minute instructional video demonstrates the SKF Shaft Alignment Tool TKSA 51 and how to use it effectively.

Please click on the times below for direct access to specific chapters of this video:

0:01 Intro

0:24 Product presentation

0:53 Case happy

1:51 Setup

2:49 App intro

2:53 Help

3:17 Settings

3:48 New alignment

3:58 Information machine

6:32 Mounting and unit setup

7:59 Measurements

9:37 Results

10:03 Vertical correction

10:53 Horizontal fix

11:25 Remeasure

12:07 Report

12:49 Automatic measurement

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