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Narrator: In 2018, Elon Musk said the upcoming Tesla Roadster would be available with a SpaceX package that features thrusters for an acceleration boost. Since then, Tesla has focused its efforts on other vehicles, like the Cybertruck, and we've yet to even see the Roadster reach production. That's why in late 2021, YouTuber and engineering whiz Matt Mikka developed his own boosted Tesla. He added three jet engines to his Model S, built the electronically controlled engine system from scratch, and created what is probably the only Tesla that can burn through 2 gallons of fuel in just one minute.

Matt Mikka: So, what inspired that project was that Tesla said they were going to do these cold thrusters, basically high-pressure compressed air. But the issue with the cold thrusters is that you need a lot of energy to compress that air into a pressure that's useful. What a lot of people don't realize is that cold thrusters don't actually have a lot of thrust. One of those engines I used on the Tesla project was about 350 newtons, and a cold thruster isn't going to give you anywhere near that.

Narrator: Besides building three different engines, Matt had to build the proper jet-engine control panels, including a setup for the driver that connected to the rear controls. This meant a lot of wires, electrical outlets for the wires to run through and plug into, and individual circuit boards for each engine to connect to. But most of the engines themselves were wireless.

Mount 3 jet engines to my Tesla Model S to make the world's first Tesla with Jet Thrusters, I call it the Jet-Powered Tesla as I do in fact drive it under only jet power.

    This build was extremely in-depth, I listened to what everyone was asking for in the past videos and I built almost every single part from the ground up, I counted over 200 parts in total.

The next project I'm going to be doing with this car is going to be even more extreme.

Not only did I make over 200 parts but I also had 88 folders full of video footage because the build took about 42 days total and my schedule was heavily affected by raw material shortages.

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