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How do filter driers work? in this article we're going to be cutting open one of these filter driers to look at whats inside and learn how they work. As well as discussing the purpose of each component inside. Well these are found in refrigeration systems and as you might guess from their name, their job is to filter and dry the refrigerant. They protect the refrigeration system and its components by capturing and adsorbing water particles as well as harmful solid substances, and stopping these from cycling around the system and getting into the compressors, valves, sensors etc to keep the system running at optimal conditions.

Where do we find filter driers?
This is a very typical model filter drier and we'll find these installed in the liquid line of the refrigeration system, between the condenser and the expansion valve.

We’ve covered how expansion valves (Thermal and electronic), heat exchangers and refrigerants work in our previous tutorials, do check those out.

On the side of the filter drier you'll find an arrow, this indicates the direction of refrigerant flow. Some models for heat pumps might have a bi-directional filter and the arrow will point both left and right. But in this case we have a single direction, one way filter drier.

On the outside we have a powder painted surface which just prevents corrosion and the black gloss finish just gives it a premium look at feel. The casing is made from steel to give it a strong structure as this will be under some high internal pressure once connected into the refrigeration system.

At each end we have some solder connections which are either pure copper or copper plated depending on the model.

Filter drier solid core

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