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What is building fiber optic backbone?
The building fiber optic backbone is the pillar of your in-building network. It requires higher bandwidths, at greater distances, connecting the Main Distribution Area (MDA) to all Telecommunications Rooms (TRs)/Interconnect Distribution Frames (IDFs) on each floor. The fiber backbone infrastructure requires fiber optic cables to support the higher bandwidth and longer distance requirements, providing access to the Wide Area Network (WAN).

Corning's Everon™ Network Solutions provide an integrated, completely optical solution that provides easy, fast installation and turnup times with outstanding performance. It's the fiber backbone proven by enterprises around the world for future-ready reliability and ease of integration.

Considerations in building fiber optic backbone
Scalable Network
Product Availability
Unplanned downtime is inconvenient and costly. Partnering with a manufacturer that provides local inventory ensures that your network is up and running with minimal impact to your customers

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