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The conventional motors that equip certain household appliances (washing machines, dishwashers) use electrical energy to operate, the energy transmitted to the rotating part of these motors passes through a system of brushes (also called brushes). This brush system is subject to friction during operation, which causes wear over time and requires replacement when the device no longer starts.

Compared to other technologies, the cost of conventional motors is lower. It is associated with an indirect drive system making it possible to move the mobile element of the household appliance: on a washing machine for example, a pulley/belt system allows the motor to turn the drum. The belt is also subject to wear over time

The induction motor present in some household appliances is a motor that uses different magnets to create a magnetic field that causes the movements of the rotor.

Compared to a conventional motor operating using a brush system, the induction motor offers quieter operation while preserving power consumption and the life of the device.

The use of magnets makes it possible to better control the power while reducing friction during use.

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