on video Wiring a Schneider Softstarter for a Motor


Wiring a Schneider Softstarter for a Motor

How to wire in a Schneider AltiVar soft-starter and controls.  In this video we will go through an Schneider softstarter, explain the power circuit, wire variations of control circuits using both AC line voltage and DC low voltage, and explain the manufacturer's data sheet for these specific models.

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Tutorial for configuring 3-Wire control on Altistart 22 (ATS22) Soft Starters with normally closed momentary push button stop on LI1 (Logical Input 1) and normally open push button start on LI2 (Logical Input 2).

The soft starter serves as a start-up aid for 3-phase induction motors. Based on the principle of Phase Control, which is a method for power limiting, applied to AC voltage, also known as “Phase-fired control” or “Phase Cutting”, the power of 3-phase induction motors can be reduced to get a soft start or also a soft stop. 

From the content:

0:00  Introduction Soft Starter

0:24  Why using start-up aid?

1:28 Function of a Soft Starter

3:27 Torque decrease during starting

3:51 2-phase or 3-phase Soft Starter

5:08  Soft Starter compared with VFD and Star-Delta-start-up


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