on video What is a Zener Diode? How Does it Work? Where to Use? ( Zener Diode Tutorial)


 In this video, I will explain the working principle of the zener diode, which is used for voltage stabilization in electronic circuits. Zener diode is a diode that keeps the voltage applied to its pins constant. When zener diodes are connected to the circuit in the right direction, it works like a normal silicon diode. In other words, they start to flow current after 0.7V. But they are not used that way. They are used in reverse connection to the circuit. When connected in reverse, they do not flow current up to a certain voltage value. This voltage is called break or zener voltage.

After the breaking voltage, they start to flow current and the voltage value on them remains constant at the breaking voltage value. In fact, we can say that it is a diode that flows current in both directions. They do the job of a voltage regulator. Their color is usually orange, with a black stripe at the cathode tips. The symbol is like this. Now let's look at some examples to better understand the working principle.

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