on video Two Gang Switch-How to connect it

 connections required to wire a lighting circuit using the 3 plate loop-in method. Video explains the connection required within the ceiling rose, a consumer unit (fuse box), and in a 2 switch at is controlling 2 independent lighting points. The circuit is wired in twin and CPC cables (twin and earth cable) and is a wiring diagram for this circuit. This video will show learners how to connect up 2 independent ceiling rose and pendant for a 2 gang light switch. 

How to wire up 2 lights from a 2 gang switch -  this wiring diagram will help you understand the connection requires at both the lighting points and the 2 gang switch when wiring using the 3 plate method. 

 🕐 Time Stamps - Cut to the action 🕕 == 

00:00 - Wiring diagram using a 2 gang switch

00:20 - 2 gang, 3 gang and 4 gang light switches

01:10 - 2 lights and 2 switches

02:09 - When do we use 2 gang and 2 gang switches

03:49 - 1 mm2 twin and earth cable

04:43 - Batten lamps holder, ceiling rose and pendant and a 2 gang switch

05:50 - Supply from the consumer unit

07:27 - Carrying the supply on to a second lighting point

08:48 - Connection in a 2 gang switch

09:46 - Cable from light 1 to the 2 gang light switch

13:08 - Cable from light 2 to the 2 gang light switch

Videos are training aids for City and Guilds (C and G) and EAL courses Level 1, 2, 3 plus AM2, AM2S and AM2E. 

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