on video Quick rewire of a hoverboard wheel - $ave on your next robot project


WARNING: Adding a heat sink will short the circuit. The body of the transistor is positive voltage, and the heat sink will be grounded through the mounting screws. Powerful wheel and controller you can use in a robot project. 350 watts for about $40!!!! Amazon and eBay and TomTop and Aliexpress (and the list goes on), have a generic brushless motor controller that can be used to reperpose Hoverboard wheels. This one has a part number QS-909 but the best way to find it is by the description: 12 to 36 volt 500 watt brushless motor controller. Again, be careful not to short the body of the transistor to ground by mounting the circuit to exposed metal. The circuit only needs: 24 or 36 volt battery The hoverboard wheel (eBay ~$25) The motor controller (~$12) A 22K potentiometer (a 10K may work and are easy to find) Next, I need to control it with an arduin

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